Day 425: Cooking!

Cooking good enough the cat wants to eat it.

The day is up and running full speed. This is a short post, because we are busy cooking and eating here.

The picture is from a previous year’s Thanksgiving.  You might be able to discern sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows, a roll, some turkey, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.  Pretty much a similar fare is being prepared as I type this.

The apple and pumpkin pies are done.  Turkey’s on the grill with the potatoes.  Eggs are boiling to be deviled.  (think de- viled, as if the recipe takes vile eggs and makes them deviled.) Sometime this morning we hope the young one will be up to make the macaroni and cheese.

In a few moments I will attempt to make rolls.  Again.  Last night I murdered the rolls.   They came out like hard little pucks.  (Note: driveway hockey later!) I killed the yeast.  This time I will mix the dough in the bread machine. I have been away from the kitchen for far too long.  Thankful that I am not feeding an army this Thanksgiving and have time to refresh my memory before the big eating at Christmas.  Wish me luck.

For those pet curious the cat is our Momma.  One of our rescued animals.  She is much fatter now, and generally a mellow old gal.  She and the rest of our brood will let us know if we drop anything on the floor.  Not that we would EVER intentionally do that.

So here’s to a writing break, and time with family and friends.  Happy Eating to all!

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