More Like A Throw-up Thursday, Than a Throwback

What? What is that?

Well, today we went and filed more papers to make us a legit business, of sorts.

Seriously, self publishing, vanity business, egotistical much?  Not really.  We, was because ‘me‘ was too chicken to do so by myself.  Actually, I was close to a full blown panic/anxiety attack.  Nervous as a mouse surrounded by cats.  EEK!

It is done.  Still have little minor details to set up before we launch a true official website, and at least another month or two before the first ebooks, MINE, is available for purchase/download.

While pulling out files and organizing a file drawer (seriously there might be enough papers to fill one  file folder) I pulled all my ideas, future stories to work on and just stuff.  This would be why we are making this a business. If you have been following me for the last two years, you know I have periodically burned amassed writing.  I would guess that I have burned at least 3-4 milk crates full of handwritten, typed and printed pages, that doesn’t count all the electronic files I have deleted since the invention of the computer.

I have tried to stop writing numerous times. Yet, here I am again.  This is not my first effort to have a website, and neither was the 500 Days blog.  This is not my first time.  It is however the first time I have made it this far.  With all that writing and imagination (granted some of it has wasted paper, space and time) it is time I did something with it.

You know the feeling, right?

So.  We have a smidgin’ of progress again.

I have my writer’s blog up and running – check out

Our oldest, who we plan on handling our marketing (could you imagine ME doing that?), has his own blog Insightful Distractions.

Right now I am currently working on a logo for the business.

It is a good thing this is all going so painstakingly slow, not sure I could manage if it was going fast.  Like I said to the son at lunch, “Now you see why I am not getting an agent or trying for a brick and mortar publisher?  I could handle the rejections letters, but . . . “

“Yeah, Mom, if you got an acceptance letter you would go into a catatonic state,” was his retort.



Enjoy your weekend, I sure will be!



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