Painting Isn’t My Thing

This week was paint a room week.  It wasn’t random. The color and room had been selected for at least a week.  Procrastination was the name of the game.

Painting when the weather is humid, not the brightest idea.  We had rain every day.  It took the paint more than two hours to dry. Only on my last coat did it the light bulb over my head go off.  ‘Bring in the fan from the garage!’  That last coat, it dried the fastest.

The fan wasn’t the only slow to remember factoid about painting.  As my eldest subtly put it, floor covering is a good thing.  The nuances of cutting in were not the first thing in my mind, neither was remembering how to ‘load’ the roller. The paint covered me as much as the walls.

Next week is just as busy as well.  We have so many things to do and get done.  Maybe, just maybe, the post next week will be on time, and be a much more interesting.  (But don’t count on it.)

One thing for sure needs to happen is sometime this summer I really need to get this blog realigned with the purpose.  If you can’t tell, it isn’t.  We are still waiting on information necessary to make some decisions.

Two thoughts on that, one is to push ahead, and the other is to let it all fall into place.  Due to summer approaching, I am leaning toward the latter.  Who doesn’t love laying in a hammock watching the clouds go by and just writing?



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