Yep.  I am taking one.

So, while this might appear to be a lame post, it really isn’t.  I am truly on vacation.  Out of town, out of my normal environment, and catching up with a friend.

So, while she might have become a little lame, and won’t tell me that the shirt I just bought needs to go to my daughter.  That’s ok, my daughter will surely let me know.  Tsk, tsk, we are all slipping in our old age.

Eye sight fails, memory gets a little skippy, and words just don’t slip as easily off the tongue anymore. I feel so normal now.  Nothing like seeing a long time friend aging as well.

The company’s good.  This getting old might be fun.  Eye glasses, talking with our hands while our brains try to come up with words, especially if we each can remember a piece of crucial information that put together is complete.

Happy Summer Vacation!


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