So, if you have check out the ‘by Julie Kolb’ blog, you know there have been some major blog cleaning.  (The first story made into a book is available on Amazon in the Kindle store.  If you do a search in the Kindle store, it is number two in the search list, right under Warren Buffett’s similarly titled book.)

Now that there is an actual ebook available, there is a direction for branding.  When you see ‘Julie Kolb’ think children, teen, or a young adult story.  Simple enough, right?

But what about that story serially blogged a while back?  Sinister Exercise isn’t a children’s story.  It isn’t a teen or young adult.  What happens now?  Does that get back shelved? No.

Ah, ha! Now there is a blog just for those stories that are of a more mature nature.  We have set up and begun a blog for developing those stories as well.  IF you happen upon J.Kolb, that will be the blog.

So what is to come?  There are approximately sixteen stories to be developed and worked on. They include both children and adult stories.  Hope is that we go back and forth every year with one or the other being published.

While writing is a creative, artistic endeavor, it is also a business.  Most businesses generally take at least five years to make a profit.  We expect no different from this.  So, pull up a virtual ring-side seat and see how we do!




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