Buy It, Thanks!

Amazon. Kindle Store. Search.  Snowball.  That first entry? Warren Buffet who? No, no, no, look at the second.  The cute one.  Puppy on green background.  Yes, that one.  Buy it.  Thanks!

Snowball Cover

That’s it. THAT is the ad campaign.  Shh, don’t tell the marketing director, I think I just did his job.

It has been a week, have no clue, no one will tell me if it sold, how well it sold the first week.  Two by my knowledge count, and only because those two ‘told’ me they bought it. So, oh, well.

One book.  Success or failure doesn’t make or break me.  One book.  The first is done and down.  On to the second right? Wrong.  So far this month I have piddle around, got a lot of little things done, but mostly just piddled.

In all that summer cleaning and decluttering and the like, I did everything I wanted to do except one thing.  A place to write!  Maybe, maybe that is a good thing, because before I made writing a thing, my thing, I didn’t have ‘a place to write’ and I wrote all the time.  Ya know, that was a whole lot more fun.



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