Confused yet?

Well, then I am just not doing my job if you aren’t.

Remember that first book was a children’s story.  Well, not all my writing is suitable for children.  That is why, if you remember, a new blog for more mature stories was started.  to be exact.  Over there I just posted my first thousand words of the original rough draft of Sinister. That is where I am starting with the rewrite.

Over on by Julie Kolb you will find all the children, teen, young adult stories.  Currently links to the story on Amazon are up, this week we are also working on e-editions for Nook, iBook and that every asked for print and paper edition of Snowball.

So please, check me out. Please feel free to reblog, and of course, by all means, buy a copy of the one itty bitty book I have out now.  We aren’t spending an arm and a leg, not even a thread on marketing or advertisement on this first book. Why? Because what if you like it?  Then everyone is going to be bugging me about another book.  Which is why I want to get a few books available before we start advertising and really seriously marketing. Gotta have  a supply before we have a demand.  (We at least the way I look at it we do.)

Thank you for your support.  Have a great week, y’all.



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