Nook Version available

So the Nook version ebook of Snowball is up and available.  Snowball by Julie Kolb 

Work on going with the print version.  Hopefully soonish, still.

Word had it over the Labor Day weekend that six copies had sold to date.  Awesome!  Around here, that was really good news.  What? Low numbers frighten you?  Why?

You have to start somewhere.

You start at one.  First page, first chapter, we all even start school at, well, not even first grade. In my day you started Kindergarten, now you start pre-school.  See, you begin at the beginning.

Guess what?  This, this is the beginning.  No, no overnight success, and who would want that?  Boom, there are decisions that have to be made that you have no experience dealing with. Ick!

Slow and steady.  Live and learn.  This is going to be a really long slow journey.  Any of you in for that?  Or are you planning on being the silent majority that sits back and waits to see.  It is ok, you can do that, too.




Over on By Julie Kolb, latest post  

Failure is Fun!

No, seriously! Sometimes, I believe success is overrated. Like, for instance, now.

Here I am writing, self publishing (with family help) and failing like a stinky week old gallon of milk, not lurking in the back of the refrigerator, but sitting hot on the counter with top off for all who comes within range to smell. Great! Really, it is.

I am learning so much! (to continue reading click link to byJulieKolb)




2 thoughts on “Nook Version available

  1. If you succeed first time, every time, then eventually failure will devastate your life and destroy you. I still haven’t brought my copy yet, but I will.


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