Book Signings

Well, they are all done for the year.  Three were set up and done at vendor sales.  Thanks to those who bought a copy of Snowball!  I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone.  It was great to share with them the story behind Snowball, as well as sharing the images for the children’s picture book we hope to have available in the Spring.

Tentative  that it will be ready for the Johnson County Spring Junque Jamboree. If you are in Southern Illinois, then you have to check this event out.  There will be a lot of vendors on the town square.  (Check out the sponsor of the event – Vienna Town Square Mall Antiques & More.  Just never know what you will find in the shop, always worth the time it takes walk through and look.)

Goals for 2015 are set, hoping to have three stories/books out next year.  Plans are to make them happen, but expecting at least two, twice what was published in 2014.  The main goal for this year was to get one, and it is done.  We even sold some! So this was way more of a success than expected.

Truth, expected to get the story out, but did not expect to sell more than five books – print or e-books. We sold more than five, not a whole lot more but move than five.  Even did something didn’t imagine I would ever do, and that was book signings!  (And didn’t throw up once!)

So even before the end of this month comes rushing at us, we can look back and say this was a really great year.  Can’t want to see what 2015 brings!



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