Next Up

Work on a picture book has been going on now for a couple of months.  The story is about a bad dream. Here are some character sketches that will possibly be used.

boy in bed.jpb finding boy's age

This from someone who can’t draw. A promise of a story for each grandchild means, they expect their grandmother to not only write, but illustrate.  That is one way to make sure a dream comes true!  Promise the result of your dream to a child or grandchild!  That can mean growth and stretching that takes you to places you hadn’t planned, like an art class!

One other project for next year is a collection of short stories.  At this time, brainstorming this idea, most likely will be for either young adult or adult.  There are some already in the works, so they maybe fleshed out and a few more added.

Another possible project for next year is another children’s chapter book.  Quite possible there will be another class taken to write a better chapter story next year.  A raw rough draft is in the works.

This dream come true journey is getting pretty interesting.


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