2015 Blog Plans

In no way are we experts around here, let’s get that settled straight up.  We have gotten one book, a children’s short easy chapter book self published.  We have sold more than one, but are not selling them like hot cakes.  They have and are sold.  We have not done much marketing at this point. Some might say none.

However, we have run into people who have ideas, and thoughts about stories that should be written or given suggestions for another story.  Or they talk about how they have dreamed of writing and being published.

So, that gave Julie an idea.  Share what we have learned about this subject.  There are reputable courses you can pay good money for, there are excellent blogs that share the information freely.  We defer to more successful and knowledgeable folks.

First and foremost, research! On your own, don’t take our word, or anyones. Research! Research the sources; what, why and how are they knowledgeable?  Do that before you pay anyone any money whatsoever.

Second, this blog for the year 2015 will be posting about how Julie got her first book published.  Along with that will be the process that she goes through now that is contributing to other works that will be published next year.  Not necessarily a how to for you, but a how she does it, take that information gleaning what you can use and figure out how you can fulfill your dream.  Write your story.

Whether you decide to submit or self publish, that is left totally to your discretion. What you do when you are finished is totally up to you.  But if your dream is to write a story? Let’s get you going in 2015!

So, between now and next Monday.  Start jotting ideas down.  Characters, plots, places, any and all ideas make note of in print, a voice memo, or on a square of toilet paper.  Just start with ideas.  Nothing has to be concrete.   Write a scene if you dream one up one night.  Doesn’t matter what it is, just get it recorded somehow, some way.

Til next week, write on.


My favorite references and awesomeness authors



Kristin Kathryn Rusch


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