Well, last post let the cat of the bag on this stage.  It is all about ideas.  What is the story about? Who are the characters, where does it take place.  Answering all the questions about the story.

Sure some plotting if you are a plotter. Some scene writing if you are a pantster. And even a little bit of both for everyone.  It is the getting started stage.  There are a plethora of character maps, scene outlines, plotting pages and forms out there to help you, or you can design your own, or not even have one.  What keeps you writing and on task with the story?  That is what you should use.

Do you need mood music to help you write a setting with the right tempo of emotions? Find it.  Have all that stuff readily at hand.  It isn’t just about plotting but about gathering materials that will keep the writer’s block at bay, or at the very least, help you remember that sometimes it isn’t really a block as much as it is your mind working out the details.

It can even be that at the end of the month, when you start writing you realize what you thought you had figured out isn’t really the real story at all.  That is OK.  You are going to know where to start and what to work on after this stage.

Well, At least, I do.


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