Rough Beta Readers

Who and what are rough beta readers?

Well, those are the person or persons who willingly subject themselves to my first draft, the rough draft, the uncorrected grammatically error-full draft.

Lucky devils.

Off to them I send the ugly story to give me feedback.

What works, what doesn’t.

That includes

  • storyline
  • setting
  • characters
  • anything that just sticks out like a sore thumb.

I differ to a fabulous author and teacher, Kristine Kathryn Rusch who in a blog post at  suggests three responses options after reading to help set a reader/editor mindset. (that is almost a direct quote from her blog.)

They liked the story, they quit reading it and where, and finally the one we all want to hear – liked it and would have purchased it.

I go a little farther and ask one question –


That loaded three letter word can tell me why it was liked or not.  It leaves me with the knowledge of how well the story in my head transcribed to written word successfully, worse, or better than I hoped.

Search the internet for ‘Beta Reader Questions’, for help in getting information from those readers that will give you information about how effectively you are telling the story.


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