All Write Now! Writer’s Conference


This week has gone to the  . . . well I am not insulting anyone or anything.

About an hour ago I started writing a wonderful post about the writing conference, but I lost it because I didn’t save during that hour. So this is my second, much shorter blog blurb about it.


  • JULY 11, 2015  from 8 A to 5 P

With workshops, networking, and lots of inspiration, but in my last theatrical flourish at the end, it was deleted.  (No, of course I didn’t save it periodically during the hour)


Poetry, fiction, and flash fiction writing contests with a “Seconds” theme.  You interpret the use of the word seconds, for more information check out the rules.  Oh, and those of the nonfiction genre, you have a contest as well, thanks to Carol and John Fisher.

Namedropping section here

  • Angie Fox – New York Times Best Selling Fantasy Author – Keynote Speaker
  • Catherine Rankovic – Editor, Author and Teacher
  • Allison Joseph -Associate Professor, Poetry
  • Eileen Dryer – New York Times Best Selling Romance Author
  • Ellie Searle- Publishista
  • Janet L. Cannon – Technology Instructor, building a writer’s platform

Schedule of the day? Yeah, they have that –

  • 3 morning sessions, 2 afternoon sessions
  • Lunch break with refreshments on site
  • Networking session in the afternoon
  • Bookstore on site for attendees, book-signing during the networking session

Conference providers –

  • Southeast Missouri Writers Guild
  • Heartland Writers Guild

Now click on over to the website (ALL WRITE NOW!) and check it our.  Registration is open. (Lunch options are listed, how convenient is that? ) It is all that and they supply the pickle chips!





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