Rewrite Again!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I can’t count the number of rewrites that came about with Snowball (or for that matter the other stories I am working on).  There does come a point where the rewrite turns into an edit. Editing will be the topic for next month.

For me, personally, setting stories aside during another beta read and opinion seeking isn’t unheard of part of the process. At the very least, letting a rewritten story sit and getting away from it was something I found in research was a part of much more profitable and accomplished writers’ toolbox.

If you are just starting to write that story you have always wanted to, or just trying it out for fit, remember the first few stories that you work on are not only rough themselves, but so is your writing process. Trying on different ways of getting from an idea to a completed and finished story is many times a trial and error process for everyone.  Yes, even the most educated writer has to find their own way of working.

It is something that is unique to each of us as is our fingerprints, or DNA.  So don’t worry about the why and how, is it ok  or not.  The proof is in the result.  Are you writing?  Is the writing getting better? What would help you improve?

No, you do not have to have a perfectly written first or second or even third drafts.  Yes, you can rewrite, revise, even completely revamp the story and the characters. Is there a point of enough is enough, yes.  Who decides that can be as varied as well. I still think that Snowball could have been better, but there was a point where I was ready to move on.  Time to work on another project that would increase my self knowledge of writing.

Writing is a trial and error craft.  It takes time and practice.  Keep writing.


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