Julie got this in the mail recently.  Kolb Web Inc, and Julie decided to donate copies of Snowball to libraries in need of children books.  We really didn’t expect much back, so getting this note of thanks was a big deal around here.


Discussion has been thrown around to start a scrapbook, not that there are many scraps to put into one. Why not have a keepsake, succeed or fail, of the journey? When we look back on the years we spent starting out this might remind us of the hard work and effort, as well as the joys and disappointments that will make up our history.

So thank you to those who have supported us from the beginning, as well as everyone that has come along for the ride.  Thank you for buying Snowball.  Thank you for following our blogs.  Thank you for liking our Facebook pages.  Thank you for following us on Tweeter.  Thank you to those who have written reviews. Thank you for thoughts, prayers and all manner of support you have bestowed upon us.  Thank you!

A & J


Snowball Links
Links to the versions of the book for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook and Goodreads

Amazon – for Kindle and Print Copies –

Barnes and Noble -for Nook –

Goodreads- add to your reading list, review, or recommend

iBooks –


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