Something I rarely do on my blogs, polish.  Even editing is on the fly and not necessarily done if I am in a hurry.  That is so bad!  Part of what makes me a ‘bad writer’.  I am lazy and sloppy.

Seriously, anyone who doesn’t research their information, grammar, spelling, and approach before, during and after writing is sloppy.  That isn’t even taking into consideration the grammar police out there or the persnickety reader.  It just is.

Yes,  I am very guilty of this, so please don’t take these as absolutes.  I don’t even observe my own process all the time.  Still, I have one.  That is part of what most writers develop over time.

So, polish.

polish – improve, refine, or add finishing touch  (definition from Oxford Dictionary)

This is how I look at it –  Editing is getting all dressed up. Sure you showered/used soap and cleaned up, put on your best clothes, but still you have a dirty neck.  That dirty neck, something you forgot, that could you go back and redo – IN A HEART BEAT. That is what the polish stage is for fixing.

Taking time to do your best to the Nth degree.  Sure, let anyone who helped you edit give it one more look.  Still better, is something entirely different.  Someone who after all the beta reading, rewriting, and editing, has never seen it.  This will be their first look, after all that work is finished.  That person, they will see that something.  The material is fresh.  They are the blank slate that most readers (one hopes) are.  So you get feedback on what finishing touches would put it over the top.

Ok, so maybe they don’t have a suggestion, but talking with them after reading might inspire you.  Or it might not. And you can decided if a suggestion is appropriate.

So spit on it, get that polishing cloth out and give it a go.


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