By Any OTHER Name

This time for me can included editing, rewriting, revising, proofreading and any variety of ways to improve what has been written.  What I like to call the ‘last ditch effort’ to put the best I can produce out.

There are so many resources online and so many people who are willing, for a price to provide every bit of guidance you want and/or need.  Personally, I would do a lot of researching to include asking for references to assist in getting quality for your money, but that is up to you.

If you are going to spend money, which I did a little, joining organizations such as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  I did as well as going to monthly meetings.  I joined Writers Guilds and went to their monthly meetings. Romance Writers of America is another membership of value. Can’t forget the education and mind blowing exposure to writing for children that Mira Reisburg and Children’s Book Academy offered.

I have been very choosey about where I spent my money and on what. Quite a bit of improvement comes with the progression that practicing the craft of writing proves rather than who and what you pay for –  I accepted the fact that right now my writing is the worst, because it is the first and will improve over time.

Being a lazy person I like to make my effort do double duty.  I consider push mowing the lawn exercise as well as normal yard maintenance.  So, why not share with the world what I am writing and along the way grow a fanbase?  Sounded like a fine idea to me. So here we are.

So I am polishing away at the craft.


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