Prep 2 Publish

This in my world is the last minute lookie loo to the story.  Everything is scrutinized over, which includes asking fresh never been exposed to eyes to give it a read.  Making sure all the formats are compatible.  Are the photos or illustrations of the right type of file and size to upload?  It is beyond just the story itself.

I probably should have mentioned that part about files, formats and sizes. However, I am not the most knowledgeable software computer geek.  I did research and realized I needed to hand this stage off to my eldest son who was willing to do the grunt work.  This is definitely a ‘to each their own’.  You  may be able to handle it yourself, handle it yourself with a help from a friend or family member, or this may be where you need to research the ‘how to’ by comparison shopping.  (IF you are spending your money for any of these stages, ALWAYS buyer be wary.  Ask for references, especially from those with websites you like, formats you enjoy and are doing it in any way similar to how you want to proceed.)

All along this path to publishing Snowball, I read and researched when I wasn’t able to write about the formats and methods of getting the story out there.  So when approaching this stage, I knew what I didn’t know, and what I needed and expected from someone who was going to get me to the final stage.

The problem with going into details in this series is that the information will be obsolete in a very short time frame. The software and files used today can become so outdated and usage decline fairly quickly that what worked then won’t be available when you read this.  As I am going about the second children’s book production, I am finding that there are things to change in not only my writing process, but also in the delivery of the story to the public.  What ever you ‘now’ is, and when you expect to publish, try to look ahead if possible.  What is coming down the pipeline of technology? What are the markets doing in regards to your genre?

This includes being aware of whether a particular subject matter is on the way in, hot, or out; adjust your expectations to that status.  For instance, my purpose for Snowball, (yes I have run that into the ground) was multiple.

  1. Birthday gift for my granddaughter
  2. Get something in print
  3. Learn how to self publish
  4. Not chicken out

No where in there do you read, ‘best seller’, or ‘make me famous’.  It did what I set out to do. Is it the best thing ever? Probably not.  Was it the best written and ultimately illustrated story I could do at the time? Absolutely.

The prepare to publish stage is about the project as a whole rather than just the story itself, or getting all the files uploaded to the platforms you wish to sell it in. It is about what do you want to present to the public; how do you want to present the project and yourself; and what do you need to do that?

It is about –

what do you want to present to the public

how do you want to present the project and yourself

what do you need to do that?

It is the stage that ties the conceptualizing phase and every phase in-between to date.  The bulk of this phase is putting into action the results of research and education on your part as to those tiny details that will make or break meeting your purpose.

This is the last second thought phase.


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