Congratulations All Write Now Conference Winners!

This past weekend, we along with other sponsors presented awards to the winners of the second annual writers’ conference in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The writing guilds – Heartland Writers Guild and Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild pulled together a very nice day long conference with a variety of speakers and break out sessions, including lunch and pitch sessions for writers and publishers to meet each other one on one.

The theme, appropriately was second.. The following information about the sponsors, judges and winners.

Poetry Contest –

  •  sponsor – Stan Crader
  • Judge – Dr. Susan Swartwout, English professor, Southeast Missouri State University

poetry contest AWN 2015

First Place

Stephanee Walker  – Time Saunters By

Second Place

Charlotte Beard – Second Chances

Third Place

Tara Pedroley – Hidden Friendship 

Non Fiction –

  • Sponsor – Carol and John Fisher
  • Judge – Lisa Miller, Walrus Publishing

nonfiction winners AWN 2015

First Place

Kathryn Cureton – One Man’s Hot Tub is Another Woman’s Nightmare

Second Place

Sarah L. Geringer – Scar Tissue

Third Place

Lisbeth Davidow – Miss Baby Doll

Flash Fiction 

  • Sponsor – Deadly Writes Publishing
  • Judge – George Sirios

flash fiction winners AWN 2015

First Place

Amie Heasley – How To Imagine Knocking Off a Gas Station

Second Place

Janice Fleming – Now, Just Wait A Second

Third Place

Jennifer Maritza McCauley – Summer Love, On Sidewalks


  • Sponsor – Kolb Web, Inc
  • Judge – Jeremy Thompson, English Instructor

Short Fiction AWN 2015

First Place

Cynthia Graham –  The Ice Storm

Second Place

Karen Urban – Second Hand Cal 

Third Place

William Cureton – The Passing of the Scythe

Honorable Mention

Jessica Baumgartner – No Second Chances 

Thanks to Janet Cannon for the photos of the winners.

All Write Now Writers Conference


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