Prep 2 Pub – PART 2

So, we are altering somethings this month.  This is going to strictly a blog.  Yes, it has been strictly a blog for sometime now.

Oh, well.  Now we are altering the purpose and what not.

We are preparing to launch a website that will allow you to purchase (set your own price as well as set price items).  We are planning on including access to the T-shirts and what nots that we have set to a design on a mass market source yet to be officially named.  We are doing trials with both Cafepress and Zazzle.

What can we tell you?  This part two includes some mention of marketing and preparation of the marketing.

Part 2

A.  Self Pub sources. I am not going into detail because they change their %ages and details as everyone is competing in this or that market.  Find out – research, read, and do your own figuring.  Decisions need to be based on what you hope to make, what you value your work, what the current market is charging, what is your genre?  More questions than answers.

B.  Marketing.  Where and what are you willing to do?  Julie did some book signings, limited.  NO online paid advertising, and only one paid for advertisement in a local paper paid for by her son as a Christmas present. So, our forms and means are limited at present.  Not because we are THAT cheap.  Rather because we have a strategy that required patience.  Julie wanted to have a minimum of three stories, or books to promote before we started spending money on advertising or marketing. That may happen by the end of this year, or first of next at the latest.

But again, this all goes towards figuring out what your plan or strategy is.  Something that you should have figured out before your publish.  Ask yourself how realistic are those goals? Compare your thinking to industry and genre successes as well as failures.  Search within your choice area.  Look to see who and what and where they are doing all these things.

Best of luck – next month is the big month.


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