So, how do you want to be published?  What is your dream?  Mine? It was really just to produce a present for my granddaughter.  Her present was the contract I could sign.  If she liked it, then it was good enough.

My self confidence was low.  My belief was sketchy, and my focus was scattered. It took a lot to get Snowball in print, virtual and ink.  Two years.  A huge stack of rewrites and reworks.  A lot of drawings that just plain sucked.

A lot of mistakes were made in book design, in so many ways, and areas.  For a while I focused on just those.  Now a year later, I am more amazed that I got it done.

It was a benchmark.  I have sold nearly a hundred copies of it between print and e-books.  Though it is more than sales goals that it has set for me, I want a better book for the next grandchild.  Design, layout, artwork, story, all of it.  Better.

The truth is, it won’t be the best, that is somewhere down the line.  This is a craft that takes practice, it takes risk, vulnerability and stubbornness.  It takes making mistakes and improvements to get better.

For those who self publish, they also have to decide if they want to incorporate or just be a sole prop; they have to be a business administrator as well as writer, marketer, public relations, accountant, . . .  and so on.  Those decisions and responsibilities take even more knowledge, research and decision making on how, what and who – if you choose to hire it out.  This is serious business, self published writing.

Those that opt for seeking a contract with an pub house have just as much to research.  Besides query letters, deciding about representations, seeking editors, pub relations and what not, most have to keep either hearing nothing back, or reading rejection letters with out letting it stop them.

There are many paths to get to this last stage.  The path is unique to each of us. How we traverse it, is entirely up to us. Happy travels my friends, happy travels.


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