Overcoming the Fear of Performing By Anthony R. Kolb

Ramblings of a Wayward Trekker

After performing as a professional magician for years as a young boy and adolescent, why now do I hesitate to practice and to perform for people? That could take years of psychoanalysis to figure out. Perhaps it is just the fact that my mother sold all my magic apparatus when I joined the Army and went away to college back in 1985. What ever the reason, I need to over come that fear. The question is how do I do that?

So far in my life I have found the best way to overcome fear, is to just jump right in and “rip off the band-aid”. Ignore the pain and realize the pain will quickly go away. Then each time it will get easier since you know what to expect. The pain level is the same, but my tolerance will increase each time. Sort of like repelling, the first step…

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