Supporting Our Offspring

So, incase you didn’t know, we have talented children.  Ok, so they are grown ups.  A couple are starting to do their own thing, and we, like most parents, want to support there efforts.

So, here goes,

Our eldest, along with some other talented peeps, has started filming. The most recent project is a little show called “No, You’re Wrong! The title link takes you to the first of the series.  They are reviewing some of the latest “nerd” movies, like the ones from Marvel, and of course the popular #GameOfThrones.  Keep an eye out for Big Kid Studios.

Then there is our middle child who has this talent with pen and pencil. If you are in the Houston, TX area you can get a quick, aka guerrilla sketch, done around the city.  Sketch Houston is on Facebook and has a blog.

Support family, we do.


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