All Write Now Writers’ Conference

Kolb Web Inc is once again sponsoring a writing contest!


All Write Now Writers’ Conference 

Saturday July 16, 2016

On the Campus of Southeast Missouri University Campus

University Center , Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Click the link above to visit the website and enter!

1st place $50

2nd place $25

Check out the categories

  • Poetry (free verse or form poem, limit one single-spaced page), Sponsored by:
  • Short Story Fiction (Adult & YA, 3,000 word max)   Sponsored by: The Kolb Web, Inc.
  • Nonfiction (Essays only, 2,500 word max)    Sponsored by: John and Carol Fisher
  • Flash Fiction (Less than 750 words), Sponsored by: Deadly Writes Publishing
  • Short Story Fiction (Middle Grade, 3,000 word max), Sponsored by: Amphorae Publishing Group

Prep 2 Pub – PART 2

So, we are altering somethings this month.  This is going to strictly a blog.  Yes, it has been strictly a blog for sometime now.

Oh, well.  Now we are altering the purpose and what not.

We are preparing to launch a website that will allow you to purchase (set your own price as well as set price items).  We are planning on including access to the T-shirts and what nots that we have set to a design on a mass market source yet to be officially named.  We are doing trials with both Cafepress and Zazzle.

What can we tell you?  This part two includes some mention of marketing and preparation of the marketing.

Part 2

A.  Self Pub sources. I am not going into detail because they change their %ages and details as everyone is competing in this or that market.  Find out – research, read, and do your own figuring.  Decisions need to be based on what you hope to make, what you value your work, what the current market is charging, what is your genre?  More questions than answers.

B.  Marketing.  Where and what are you willing to do?  Julie did some book signings, limited.  NO online paid advertising, and only one paid for advertisement in a local paper paid for by her son as a Christmas present. So, our forms and means are limited at present.  Not because we are THAT cheap.  Rather because we have a strategy that required patience.  Julie wanted to have a minimum of three stories, or books to promote before we started spending money on advertising or marketing. That may happen by the end of this year, or first of next at the latest.

But again, this all goes towards figuring out what your plan or strategy is.  Something that you should have figured out before your publish.  Ask yourself how realistic are those goals? Compare your thinking to industry and genre successes as well as failures.  Search within your choice area.  Look to see who and what and where they are doing all these things.

Best of luck – next month is the big month.

Congratulations All Write Now Conference Winners!

This past weekend, we along with other sponsors presented awards to the winners of the second annual writers’ conference in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The writing guilds – Heartland Writers Guild and Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild pulled together a very nice day long conference with a variety of speakers and break out sessions, including lunch and pitch sessions for writers and publishers to meet each other one on one.

The theme, appropriately was second.. The following information about the sponsors, judges and winners.

Poetry Contest –

  •  sponsor – Stan Crader
  • Judge – Dr. Susan Swartwout, English professor, Southeast Missouri State University

poetry contest AWN 2015

First Place

Stephanee Walker  – Time Saunters By

Second Place

Charlotte Beard – Second Chances

Third Place

Tara Pedroley – Hidden Friendship 

Non Fiction –

  • Sponsor – Carol and John Fisher
  • Judge – Lisa Miller, Walrus Publishing

nonfiction winners AWN 2015

First Place

Kathryn Cureton – One Man’s Hot Tub is Another Woman’s Nightmare

Second Place

Sarah L. Geringer – Scar Tissue

Third Place

Lisbeth Davidow – Miss Baby Doll

Flash Fiction 

  • Sponsor – Deadly Writes Publishing
  • Judge – George Sirios

flash fiction winners AWN 2015

First Place

Amie Heasley – How To Imagine Knocking Off a Gas Station

Second Place

Janice Fleming – Now, Just Wait A Second

Third Place

Jennifer Maritza McCauley – Summer Love, On Sidewalks


  • Sponsor – Kolb Web, Inc
  • Judge – Jeremy Thompson, English Instructor

Short Fiction AWN 2015

First Place

Cynthia Graham –  The Ice Storm

Second Place

Karen Urban – Second Hand Cal 

Third Place

William Cureton – The Passing of the Scythe

Honorable Mention

Jessica Baumgartner – No Second Chances 

Thanks to Janet Cannon for the photos of the winners.

All Write Now Writers Conference


Something I rarely do on my blogs, polish.  Even editing is on the fly and not necessarily done if I am in a hurry.  That is so bad!  Part of what makes me a ‘bad writer’.  I am lazy and sloppy.

Seriously, anyone who doesn’t research their information, grammar, spelling, and approach before, during and after writing is sloppy.  That isn’t even taking into consideration the grammar police out there or the persnickety reader.  It just is.

Yes,  I am very guilty of this, so please don’t take these as absolutes.  I don’t even observe my own process all the time.  Still, I have one.  That is part of what most writers develop over time.

So, polish.

polish – improve, refine, or add finishing touch  (definition from Oxford Dictionary)

This is how I look at it –  Editing is getting all dressed up. Sure you showered/used soap and cleaned up, put on your best clothes, but still you have a dirty neck.  That dirty neck, something you forgot, that could you go back and redo – IN A HEART BEAT. That is what the polish stage is for fixing.

Taking time to do your best to the Nth degree.  Sure, let anyone who helped you edit give it one more look.  Still better, is something entirely different.  Someone who after all the beta reading, rewriting, and editing, has never seen it.  This will be their first look, after all that work is finished.  That person, they will see that something.  The material is fresh.  They are the blank slate that most readers (one hopes) are.  So you get feedback on what finishing touches would put it over the top.

Ok, so maybe they don’t have a suggestion, but talking with them after reading might inspire you.  Or it might not. And you can decided if a suggestion is appropriate.

So spit on it, get that polishing cloth out and give it a go.


Julie got this in the mail recently.  Kolb Web Inc, and Julie decided to donate copies of Snowball to libraries in need of children books.  We really didn’t expect much back, so getting this note of thanks was a big deal around here.


Discussion has been thrown around to start a scrapbook, not that there are many scraps to put into one. Why not have a keepsake, succeed or fail, of the journey? When we look back on the years we spent starting out this might remind us of the hard work and effort, as well as the joys and disappointments that will make up our history.

So thank you to those who have supported us from the beginning, as well as everyone that has come along for the ride.  Thank you for buying Snowball.  Thank you for following our blogs.  Thank you for liking our Facebook pages.  Thank you for following us on Tweeter.  Thank you to those who have written reviews. Thank you for thoughts, prayers and all manner of support you have bestowed upon us.  Thank you!

A & J


Snowball Links
Links to the versions of the book for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook and Goodreads

Amazon – for Kindle and Print Copies –

Barnes and Noble -for Nook –

Goodreads- add to your reading list, review, or recommend

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Sponsoring a Contest

Heard of this?


It is a writer’s conference in Cape Girardeau, MO

Saturday July 11, 2015

$10 an entry!

Here are the GUIDELINES (click the link word guidelines).




Categories Include –

Fiction – we sponsor that!

FLASH FICTION – sponsored by Deadly Writes Publishing LLC

NON FICTION – sponsored by  Carol & John Fisher


The cost of the conference is $55, and if you register before the 24th of June, that fee LUNCH!

Location, Location, Location !

On Campus of Southeast Missouri University, and there are restaurants that will be open in the building the day of the conference.