Supporting Our Offspring

So, incase you didn’t know, we have talented children.  Ok, so they are grown ups.  A couple are starting to do their own thing, and we, like most parents, want to support there efforts.

So, here goes,

Our eldest, along with some other talented peeps, has started filming. The most recent project is a little show called “No, You’re Wrong! The title link takes you to the first of the series.  They are reviewing some of the latest “nerd” movies, like the ones from Marvel, and of course the popular #GameOfThrones.  Keep an eye out for Big Kid Studios.

Then there is our middle child who has this talent with pen and pencil. If you are in the Houston, TX area you can get a quick, aka guerrilla sketch, done around the city.  Sketch Houston is on Facebook and has a blog.

Support family, we do.


April Time to REWRITE!

Yep, this is the next stage for my little ditties.  My stories, or as some people might be inclined to say ‘ideas’.  Here is where I take all the input from my betas and examine those comments.

I put them up against my purpose and priority for the story.  My concerns, my doubts, my middle of the night I want to quit and reconsider their comments.  The ‘if’ I go on moment.  Reread my own original without the comments in hand and then look at it again pulling valid concerns.

If they have any that is. Most people will just nod, and say “Good story.”  Or a mere “Great idea.”  Rarely do you/I come across someone with useful critique and commentary.  That? For that I had to pay.  Not dearly, since it was blessfully a distant family relation.  (Thanks Hairy Dude.)

What must be remembered is that you have to have someone to write for, and keep them in mind throughout.  Purpose.  Priority is to me the story you want to tell.  Say, X is who I am writing for, and the why, is I want them to see the depths of how whacked I can be.  Tell that story, I say to myself as I reread and rewrite every page.

Time and distance is a good point of that beta read.  To make me set it down and walk away.  Let my brain go to mush on the story, work on the concept of something else.  Come back with a fresh eye.

Now, rewrite the real story.  Some that was prominent in the first draft never make it into the second.  Some characters that were late to the first, show up on time and all prepared with their lines.  Scenes that you wanted to write but couldn’t quite make it work will just flow out of your finger tips effortlessly. Others that you know should be there are challenges that seem insurmountable.  Keep at it, that story is in there. Unlash the roots holding it in your brain and get it out here for the rest of us to enjoy as well.

That is fourth stage.  REWRITE!


All Write Now! Writer’s Conference


This week has gone to the  . . . well I am not insulting anyone or anything.

About an hour ago I started writing a wonderful post about the writing conference, but I lost it because I didn’t save during that hour. So this is my second, much shorter blog blurb about it.


  • JULY 11, 2015  from 8 A to 5 P

With workshops, networking, and lots of inspiration, but in my last theatrical flourish at the end, it was deleted.  (No, of course I didn’t save it periodically during the hour)


Poetry, fiction, and flash fiction writing contests with a “Seconds” theme.  You interpret the use of the word seconds, for more information check out the rules.  Oh, and those of the nonfiction genre, you have a contest as well, thanks to Carol and John Fisher.

Namedropping section here

  • Angie Fox – New York Times Best Selling Fantasy Author – Keynote Speaker
  • Catherine Rankovic – Editor, Author and Teacher
  • Allison Joseph -Associate Professor, Poetry
  • Eileen Dryer – New York Times Best Selling Romance Author
  • Ellie Searle- Publishista
  • Janet L. Cannon – Technology Instructor, building a writer’s platform

Schedule of the day? Yeah, they have that –

  • 3 morning sessions, 2 afternoon sessions
  • Lunch break with refreshments on site
  • Networking session in the afternoon
  • Bookstore on site for attendees, book-signing during the networking session

Conference providers –

  • Southeast Missouri Writers Guild
  • Heartland Writers Guild

Now click on over to the website (ALL WRITE NOW!) and check it our.  Registration is open. (Lunch options are listed, how convenient is that? ) It is all that and they supply the pickle chips!



500 Days Approaching 50

That was the former name of this blog.  Diehards who are still following may remember that Sinister thing.  It is now being reblogged on the my writing at .

Working on a series of short stories.  Eight in total and about half of those completed rough drafts.  Hoping to have them together in final form by the end of this year.

There is my latest update.

Oh, and yes still working on illustrations for a picture book.  Always something, right?



Next Up

Work on a picture book has been going on now for a couple of months.  The story is about a bad dream. Here are some character sketches that will possibly be used.

boy in bed.jpb finding boy's age

This from someone who can’t draw. A promise of a story for each grandchild means, they expect their grandmother to not only write, but illustrate.  That is one way to make sure a dream comes true!  Promise the result of your dream to a child or grandchild!  That can mean growth and stretching that takes you to places you hadn’t planned, like an art class!

One other project for next year is a collection of short stories.  At this time, brainstorming this idea, most likely will be for either young adult or adult.  There are some already in the works, so they maybe fleshed out and a few more added.

Another possible project for next year is another children’s chapter book.  Quite possible there will be another class taken to write a better chapter story next year.  A raw rough draft is in the works.

This dream come true journey is getting pretty interesting.

OOPS, Monday Came & Went

Oh, and we need to get more candy for the ‘Trick or Treaters’ around here.  We thought we bought some, but now we can’t find it.  (Or maybe someone taste-tested til it was all gone? NO names.)

Yes, it is said but true.  This week got away before it got started.

So, what is going on? Let’s see.  A picture books is in the works.  As far as adult fiction, the gears move slowly. So slow that the month got away from me!

Sinister thing is still at work, and there has been a dent made in it.  Hoping to see that come to a final draft next year.  There should be a business meeting at least around the dryer while folding clothes sometime next week.  (We don’t have a water cooler.)


Monday Afternoon Water Cooler

Well, we are still up, and running. There was some debate around here about keeping or ditching this blog. We have high hopes at some point of having a function, (you can buys stuff) website.  We just aren’t there, yet.  Ok, truth be told, one of us isn’t there yet.

So what are we a doing here?  Well, Julie is busy working on more children’s stories as well as some adult fiction.  There has been talk of a group of short stories being offered within the next six months.  Something to peak interest.

Sometimes, stagnation is a good thing.

Almost quitting time around here.  Man, it’s been a long Monday! Hope all have a great week.