Julie’s East Coast Book Signing

Here is a picture from the book signing last month.

BooksigningVA1:30:2016Yes, Julie does these things. Please excuse her fear factor, she isn’t good at public appearances, yet.


What’s Up With That?

Well, plans are made, remains to be seen what comes of those plans.

It is penciled on the calendar that April will be the release of  tentatively titled ‘Grumpa, Grumpa, I Had A Bad Dream’.  This will be a picture book, and the target age is estimated to be 3 years and up.  Right now characters sketches and text are top priority.

Other works are scheduled to be made available in July and October of next year are being dabbled on as well.  Yes, three projects are in the works as we speak.  Tentatively there are plans to release three works a year.  That is in a perfect world.

Saturday was a book signing at an event, and went better than expected.  Met some really nice people, made some new friends and even sold a couple of books.  Some more opportunities in the future to meet and greet are coming up.