Update on Past Events

That fundraiser Julie was at back in February? That was for a local high school. Julie put together, with the gracious help of Johnson County, IL writers: Katie Hook, Dixie Terry, and Flo Austin Dunning a wagonload (acquired from Ginger and Jane at Vienna Square Antique Mall and More) of reading  complete with a couple cups of hot chocolate, popcorn, a scented candle Jane donated, she put an assortment of chocolate and a gift from Affordable Luxuries.

Much thanks to those who contributed to the quarter auction item.

wagonload of reading
Dixie Terry’s cookbooks can be found at Little Egypt Arts Association shelves in Marion, IL. If you live in southern Illinois you can read many articles Dixie writes in Vienna Times, Goreville Gazette, among others : Springhouse, Amazon, and Little Egypt Arts Association
Katie Hook has written a sweet story, Momma Loves You and launched a video series on Youtube bringing little ones to Christ. Links to her book at Amazon, and the Youtube channel, Lead Them To The Cross 

Flo Austin Dunning is a poet and storyteller with books available both at the local Depot and on Amazon. If you stop by the Foreman Depot in Vienna be sure and talk with her cousin Phil Morris and ask him where her books are. http://www.amazon.com/Flo-Austin-Dunning/e/B00IQPMNK6

And if you are in Vienna, go down to the square and stop by to see Ginger and Jane at the Antique Mall -https://www.facebook.com/viennatownsquaremall/