How to Make Profit in Stock Market

No one wants to learn deep strategies of stock trading by making real time losses. Every one is in this market to earn profit from day one. You will also think in similar pattern, you want to make profits by selling your stocks at the right time. On the other hand, you also want to absorb losses by cutting down waiting period and sell your stocks seeing sharp decline in stock prices. But before you make decision to sell at opportune time, you need to do analysis. Most of the times, holding stocks even after facing losses help in recovering the money later. This skill of knowing period of waiting time need research, analysis and months of trading experience.

You can shorten the phase of gaining experience by gathering key information; company background, economic cycle, sector growth, competition rise and product rotation. For this, you need to use basic stock tools of fundamental analysis. The result of this analysis is then verified with your technical analysis to develop your own customised trading strategy. This is how you are able to know about different levers of profit-making in the stock market.

The trading system developed by you also help in replicating your success in similar type of stocks of same sector. You must validate your learnings with experts if you fail to make profit in stock trading. Take suggestions and make changes in your trading strategy.

Stock trading is not an easy investment avenue for beginners. You have to be extra careful, as it is your own money that is being traded. Here are the various precautionary measures that you must take to ensure you make profit in stock trading.

Understand The Company Basics

Gain knowledge of the securities and background of the company. If you trade in stocks without knowing the fundamentals of the company and why it has opened stocks for the market, you might repent later for quick decision. Spend time on research before investing money.

Take Services of A Good Broker

You cannot rely on your intuition, market perception and popular sentiments to follow the herd. You need a broker who is not only expert in operations of the market but also has elite client list of satisfied traders. Before selecting a brokerage firm, you must check testimonials, credentials and stock portfolio of few of the traders that deal with the broking company. The brokerage calculator is a good tool to compare brokerage fees of different broker firms then select the one that offers more services in less fees.


It is critically very important to maintain diversified portfolio in your trading account. Diversified portfolio is based on hybrid investment plan. This means you have to invest money on mutual funds, divert some capital on day trading, put some amount in long term assets, invest some money for short term investments, etc.

You cannot focus on single type of stocks, you must diversify your investment and broaden it to a level that is permissible by the investment budget you have allocated for stock trading. This way you widen your safety net and spread your risks across multiple stocks like wise you also spread out your profits. When the market rises, you make profit on some of the stocks, similarly when the stock price drops, you make profit in few of the stocks. In this manner, you do not make heavy losses at any given point of time.

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