Various uses of SAP Cloud Integration Solutions

SAP Cloud is an on-demand, in-memory application designed for today’s highly mobile, social, IT-enabled consumer. This enables it to be perfect for a company that makes use of constantly changing data sharing tendencies. It offers fully scalable, flexible subscription models and resources for applications, database, infrastructure, and hardware. SAP Cloud Platform manages all these resources in a secure and reliable manner.

The SAP Cloud platform can be integrated with your existing ERP applications. This will enable you to take advantage of the complete functionality of ERP including data warehousing, social networks, enterprise search, discovery, and analytical processing. With the SAP Cloud, you will also have access to SAP Business Intelligence Online (BIO) which is the industry’s most comprehensive and in-depth enterprise intelligence tool. This is the best solution for streamlining your business processes as it unifies your data warehouse, data mining, workflow management, analytics, and intelligence capabilities. With Cloud, you can accelerate your in-memory processing, application, and analytical engine tasks with the help of SAP Business Intelligence Online.

SAP Cloud can also integrate with your SAP Business Information Warehouse (BIW) to bring your ERP data into a single data warehouse. This will allow you to make analytical and operational decisions with data from all your ERP and other on-premises applications. This will also allow you to leverage your on-premise data warehouse resources and reduce the time needed to access new information from SAP Cloud.

In addition, SAP Cloud has the ability to run non-solution specific apps that can be easily accessed through a browser without the need to install additional software or configure complex server connections. This feature makes Cloud a perfect platform for small and mid-size enterprises as well as complete offshore development shops and data centers. It also enables you to run any of your existing ERP applications from a web browser, a command line interface, a web interface, or a hybrid configuration. Since Cloud runs on the underlying SPA, you can easily use your existing SAP business applications without requiring any changes to the underlying SAP software and the server environment.

SAP Cloud is a valuable and versatile tool. Its flexibility and easy to use nature make it an ideal choice for virtually any type of business applications. When combined with on-premise solutions, it gives you the power to build innovative solutions for a variety of SAP Business Intelligence (BSI) data sources. Furthermore, it simplifies the integration of data from diverse sources and data silos, while providing the source code and platform abstraction necessary for fast and secure data extraction, analysis, and reporting. In short, this platform can help you build new business applications that are faster, more efficient, and more flexible than any other technology available in the market today.

Levi Eva
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