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Yubo Introduces A New Age Verification To 100% of Its Users

Yubo, a live social discovery platform predominantly used by Gen Z has been quickly growing in popularity worldwide with over 60 million users. But, what sets Yubo apart from other social media platforms besides its unique features? Yubo puts safety at its forefront. Most recently, Yubo set a goal to age-verify 100% of its users by the end of this year; a feat no other major social media has accomplished or set out to achieve. And what did it do? Not only successfully verify 100% of its users, but three months ahead of schedule.

The internet can be a place of uncertainties. The person on the other end of the screen may not be exactly who you think they are, or their intentions may not be what you assumed them to be. With Yubo’s new age verification, it is able to give users more confidence and security that the other people they meet are who they say they are.

How Does Yubos’ new age verification work?

In collaboration with Yoti, a digital identity provider, Yubo has set a precedent by using a simple, accessible, and privacy-friendly age verification system for all of its users. All a Yubo user has to do is take a real-time selfie while on the Yubo app. Yoti’s liveness algorithm will then detect if you’re a real person and not a fake image being used to pass as a person by taking a short video that can detect real-time movements. Once your photo is cleared as legitimate, Yoti’s age estimation algorithm will analyze the photo and determine your estimated age. As long as the estimation of the age matches up with the birthdate the user set on their profile, they’ll be verified and ready to use Yubo! However, if the age Yoti’s technology estimates do not match the age on your profile, you will be asked to complete additional verification steps to validate your account.

What if you don’t look your age? Well, on the off chance Yoti does not correctly estimate your age (Yoti has a 98.9% accuracy for age estimation), then you will also be asked to complete an additional verification process that requires a physical form of identification. If you have any questions about verification, you can reach out to Yubo’s support team.

Yubo’s 100% Age-Verification

The team at Yubo wants to make the app as safe a place as possible for young minds to connect and safety starts with transparency. In May, Yubo introduced the first version of the new verification to 13 and 14 year old users. After a successful run, Yubo has launched this new age-verification platform-wide, resulting in 100% of their users being verified. That’s right, every iOS user on Yubo is verified! This impressive feat happened three months ahead of their initial schedule even. Up next, Android users will be able to use this new verification method. Currently, Android only counts for 10% of Yubo’s user base.

About Yubo

Yubo is a safe, online space where young minds can connect and express themselves. Since 2015, the Yubo app has amassed 60 million users across over 40 countries. As a social discovery app, interested users can live stream and chat with those all over the world. With features like messaging, live streaming, profile tags, online games, and digital art, Yubo offers young people the opportunity to meet new friends and socialize similar to how they would in real life. With so many exciting features, plus a focus on safety, what other app could offer you more?

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